Basic Information:
Damage Modifiers:
- Physical damage
- Magical damage
- Damage from fire
- Damage from ice
- Damage from lightning
- Damage from holy
- Damage from darkness

Basic button setup:
- Primary Attack
- Jump
- Secondary attack
- Backdash
- Special ability
- Subweapon change
- battle inventory
Basic directions:
- up
- down
- forward
- back
- forward+up
- forward+down
- back+up
- back+down
Damage modifiers mean how much damage does a character receieve if hit with an attack infused with the element.
Other than physical and magical type attacks, there's also a third, hidden type called the unique attack.
It completely ignores both types of defenses and deals full damage to the enemy.
Mp recovers by itself while the player's idle. Holding up arrow while idle will speed the recovery up after two seconds.
During attacking the recovery is halted.
Certain abilities like flight or boost modes will also disable mp recovery in addition to continuous mp drain.

Alternate costumes/palettes:
Several of the characters possess an alternate costume or character mode. To access, hold start button while selecting your character.
Don't release it until the character's already picked and confirmed.
If a character has no alternate mode, you'll get one of the extra 6 palettes instead.
If a character has more than one alternate mode like Simon, the button you use to select while holding start will determine the mode.

Default abilities:
Most of the characters aree able to use some of those abilities



Subweapon availability varies from character to character.

See -Subweapon list- for a complete list of subweapons and spells.


on the ground
in air

The character jumps up very fast. Some are able to damage enemies with it.


on the ground

The character quickly steps backwards and away from harm.

Only available on the ground.
This move grants temporary invincibility, however backdashing through an enemy is not advised.




The character dives either down or diagonally down with their leg extended in order to deliver an aerial kick.

Only available while jumping.



The character slides forward.

Only available on the ground.




The character attacks either downwards or diagonally down.

Only available while jumping.



The character runs forward.

Only available on the ground.

a pose


The character assumes a special pose.

Holding the up arrow while immobile for more than 2 seconds boosts the character's mp regeneration speed 5-8 times.


hold or

If the character is a whip user, he'll be able to spin the whip around. It'll deal small damage to enemies and destroy certain projectiles.


Character turns around while flying.

Doesn't apply to bat forms, only regular flight.

Certain special attacks can be charged to increase their power, speed, lasting time or effects.

To charge hold either of the attack buttons after inputting the motion, and a growing aura will appear around the character. A powerbar that appears above character's head will indicate the charge level.

Once it reaches maximum the bar will be flashing. Reaching maximum charge will slightly alter the outcome, usually increase attack strength or change attribute.The chargable attack can be released at any time before it's completed.

Item crash:
Item crashes use the heart system. Hearts recover by themselves over time.

The mp bar will start flashing once your character's ready and able to perform an item crash. It won't be usable for few seconds after you use one, after which the heart meter will start recovering.

While below 100, the mp recovery rate will be affected by heart level. Once the heart meter reaches 100, you're able to use an item crash again.

Special orb catching ways:


To get this message capture the orb while jumping at the peak of the jump.

HP: 010
MP: 010
Str: 000
Def: 000


To get this message capture the orb while attacking.

HP: 025
MP: 025
Str: 000
Def: 000


To get this message capture the orb while doing a specific attack or move like drop kick.

HP: 000
MP: 050
Str: 000
Def: 000


To get this message capture the orb while attacking, at the peak/end of the attack animation.

HP: 050
MP: 000
Str: 000
Def: 000


To get this message capture the orb in the same way as cool, while at full health without having been hit even once.

HP: 000
MP: 075
Str: 001
Def: 000


To get this message capture the orb in the same way as excellent, while at full health without having been hit even once.

HP: 075
MP: 000
Str: 000
Def: 001
Note: The hp/mp values are the defaults for normal mode. On easy mode the values are doubled, on hard they're halved, and on Nightmare they're only 1/4 of the default.

Multiple Shots:


Getting one of those ups your maximum subweapon count allowed on screen by one. For those that can't be used more than once their power/effectiveness is increased. Grabbing the ending orb in specific ways gives points which reward you with those.

To get a double shot you have to capture the orb with either 8 "good" messages, 4 "great" or "cool", 3 "excellent" or 1 "perfect" or "awesome". Those can be mixed.
Once the level's reached no matter how many points you had they're reset.

Triple shot requires twice as many points. Quadruple shot can be bought only from the item shop.

Vs mode works as before. You can still get those in survival even though you get no hp/mp max ups. Bosses are never allowed to get those, but boss mode player characters vary, depending from what difficulty you're on.

You'll be getting points for every successful attack that hits an enemy. The score will be slightly boosted if the hit was done by a special attack, and even more so if it was an item crash.

Capturing the victory orb in a special way will also give some extra points, with cool/awesome messages giving more points than their regular version.

The harder the difficulty, the more points you get. You can always check how many points you have by looking at the lifebar, the score is now permanently displayed above it.

The points can be used at the item shop.

Item Shop:


After the initial stages when you collect some points, you'll be able to spend them at an item shop. To summon the shop, hold start after defeating an enemy before the screen fades out, until the next battle starts. As long as you have some points to spend, the shop will appear.
It's impossible to do this in vs or training mode.

In survival mode this is changed, the shop will appear automatically every set number of enemies, with increasing amount on higher difficulties.

There are two types of items to buy, spendable items, and special ones. Spendable ones can be used from the inventory, while the special items will change something permanently.

Items will appear randomly, so it's all based on luck what kind of items and how many you'll get during your visit. Minimum is 3, maximum 8. They will reset on each shop entry.

Spendable items include a hp healing potion, mp restoring potion, status ailment clearing potion and a rosary. Those can be used during the battles, but have a limit of how many you can carry.

Special items include a double/triple/quadruple shot, invincibility jar, and stat ups for all 4 of the main stats (HP, MP, Str and def). II/III/IV Shots or the invincibility jar can be only gotten once, but stat up ones have infinite stock. Those are always very expensive.

Unlike II and III shots, IV Shot is unique, it can be only found in the shop.

Note: Difficulty will affect the prices. The harder the game, the more expensive the items get.

Battle Inventory:


While fighting, pressing and holding start will open the quick inventory. Once open, press the arrow corresponding to item you want to use, then release start to use the item.

Healing items will do as advertised, they will restore your health/magic and remove bad status effects like poison or curse. They have a limit of how many you can carry though.

On easy mode it's 9 potions, on normal it's 7, on hard it's 5, on nightmare only 3.

Rosary is a special case, it will unleash a powerful, full screen, unique-element type attack. You can carry only one of those. Make sure not to waste it while enemy's invincible.

You start the game with 1 potion of each kind and no rosary. On continue, if you used up your entire stock of specific potion type you'll get one potion of the same type for free.

Continue Screen:


If an enemy eventually defeats you, you will be sent to this screen. Picking 'yes' will substract one continue, and allow you to retry the battle. All of your stats, score and inventory will be preserved.

Pressing 'no' will end the game and go to a game over screen. Waiting for too long and letting the timer run out will have the same result.

As long as you have at least 1 continue you can retry the battle. You can obtain extra ones in the shop. There is also a button combination that will give you infinite continues and timer in case it becomes too hard. On the continue screen do a konami code.

Activating the infinite mode will cut your score gain by 25%, and will halve your current score on activation.

Note: Choose your character and difficulty carefully. It's impossible to change them after continue now.
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