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Author Topic: Making new bosses for the game/need help for explanation 01.act , 02.act , etc  (Read 85 times)

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So first of all, hi there!
I don't know if someone can explain to me the different .act and how to make it.
I want to be a developer, but i didn't want to take someone else game and make it my own.
When i saw that the developper as given up the game and has given the source, i though to myself "maybe with this, i can train myself for my future job"
So i decided to take the source of the game, taking alonside a lot of Mugen tools, and keeping the game alive.
But i came accros the ".act" file and i was lost by the explaination of other people.

So if someone is willing to explain me how the ".act" file work and how to create one, ill be really grateful ^^