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Author Topic: beta 4 wut  (Read 12753 times)

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Re: 0.4.29b is out
« Reply #45 on: September 29, 2012, 02:50:18 PM »
Boss Richter (Arcade) is extremely balanced now!

Reimu's Master Spark seems to be too much over the top now. Speed is fine (which gives you a reason to use that skill) but the damage is holy shit too big even without charging the beam too much. 10%-20% damage decrease? Up to you I guess. Currently it destroys the likes of Rusalka and Abaddon.
On the other hand player Richter's Holy Bible item crash seems very weak (I only tried it against Olrox) for its high MP cost.

Also is it intended that you can't slide into non-boss characters in Survival (Hard/Nightmare only?). I guess this is due to their contact damage being activated when hit by anything (I still wish they would have standard contact damage instead).
And it is possible fighting the non-boss player characters with their Survival AI/properties throughout the console? Need to train against Player Death rofl


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