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Title: CV Judgment: CV Fighter Character compatibility discussion
Post by: Fou-Lu on May 07, 2012, 12:58:05 AM
This topic will discuss compatible moves and the like for characters that are in CV Judgment and in CV Fighter starting by listing what they can do Judgment then how they can be adapted.  This will include characters not yet in but planned as well. 

for super moves from now on you can refer to this vid link
Castlevania Judgement Finishing Move Exibition (
combo vids
Castlevania Judgement combo video (by the best players) (

Since this is a rather long topic you can get to various character through these links:
Alucard (
Shanoa (
Eric (
Dracula (
Sypha (
Simon Belmont

Neutral Combo: B+B+B+B
whips across body, whips the other way rises into the air and spins the whip while spinning unwinds the whip and lashes out with it

Directional Combo: direction+B+B+B
while moving forward lashes out with the whip jumps and slashes with it then slides on the ground and lashes out

jump combo: jump+B+B+B
slashes out the whip in circles three times

Binding Whip: A+B
Shoots out the whip it connects to an opponent then he yanks the whip back knocking them over
----> Rising Whip: B
Spins while rising straight up whip extended
----> Holy Ruin: A+B
lunge punch into the enemy with blue energy charged fist

Dancing Whip: direction+A+B
Slashes the whip around twice then lunges forward while slashing out the whip

Twisting Arrow: jump+A+B
angled down dive spin head first when he hits the ground puts hands to the ground and does a forward flip

Whip Tornado: Charge A, B
Energy flashes around him (when holding down A) then when the button is released spins arms extended while lashing out the whip creates a white wave-like circle around as the whip moves

Sudden Impact: hold block + B
spins at an angle rising up the comes down while extending the whip and cracking it across the ground

Vampire Killer: X
dashes forward if he connects a scene is shown of him running toward the opponent whip glowing white he sends them into the air and follows them whips them a few more times with the glowing whip then pauses and rapidly whips them the slashes appear in an orb like shape around the opponent until everything goes white then slashes one more time into the the opponent destroying the orb.

Binding whip probably won't work but the two followup's seem viable, combos can be added if wanted as they are rather simple.
Dancing Whip might work with a speed boost, Twisting Arrow could either be a new move or replace the standard dive kick entirely.
Whip Tornado could be done as either a stand alone move or a charge the button like it is in Judgment.  I'm unsure how useful sudden impact would be, but it could be used if needed.
For Vampire Killer I'd suggest making it air only and only doing the rapid slashes into orb of light thing, this way the move would be viable on bosses as well.

Title: Re: CV Judgment: CV Fighter Character compatibility discussion
Post by: Fou-Lu on May 07, 2012, 02:07:05 AM

Neutral Combo: B+B+B+B+B
slashes across, up, across low to ground, up while rising, grabs sword with both hands and brings it down in an overhead slash to the ground

lunges quickly across screen while slashing across body, slashes sword while twisting and rising up then slashes across again

jumping attack
quick cross body slash in air

Summon Spirit: A+B
motions forward and fires a purplish colored spirit which homes in on the enemy

Wing Smash: direction+A+B
while wings spread out behind him lunges across screen in a low slash which ends behind the opponent with Alucard turned around.

Dark Lightning: jump+A+B
shoots purplish black lightning angled down while in the air pushes him back a bit

Tetra Spirit: Charge A+B (Aerial OK)
hits ground and summons four purplish spirits if he is far from the enemy then they remain where summoned and will home in and attack enemy when they get close to them.  Air version has him motion forward and summon them in a circle around where his hand is with the same properties.

Summon Sword Familiar: block +B
Alucard does a slashing motion with his hand a portal appears on the ground.  Sword pops out of it upside-down while launching the opponent into a spinning knock-back if hit, then uprights itself and vanishes.

Million Edges: X
Alucard puts his sword in the ground while standing straight up it courses with fire then he pulls it out of the ground and races at the opponent slashes them while rising into the air (and sending them up to) he leaps off a portal in the sky then slashes through then blowing them up in a firestorm while hovering in front of it wings outstretched.

basic combos should be separated into ground and air elements.  So slashes across, up, across low to ground, would be the combo the rest could be added as an air move, such as grabs sword with both hands and brings it down in an overhead slash to the ground for example.  Summon Spirit Tetra Spirit are viable additions to his arsenal either separate or as just Tetra, either the way it's done in sotn or here could be used to add variety to his movelist.
Wing Smash could be used however it has some similarities to his teleport slash, tho it changes his direction which could make it useful.  Dark Lightning might make for an interesting addition or just create a version of his lightning subweapon from SOTN which this move seems based off of.  Sword Familar as it is in this game imo should not be used, if one wanted to make a sword familar move I'd suggest something like Alucard summoning it, grabbing it and doing a big cross body slash with it
For implementing his final attack here I'd suggest doing it so he puts the sword in the ground it courses with fire then he just shoots off the side wall into the enemy and through them and makes the explosion.  That's imo the best way to do the move if it's wanted.
Title: Re: CV Judgment: CV Fighter Character compatibility discussion
Post by: Fou-Lu on May 10, 2012, 09:15:15 PM

note: for all of Shanoa's moves involving one she makes a weapon materialize before doing the attack

Neutral Combo: B+B
shoots a bow, does a spin and shoots a bow turned the other way

Directional Combo: directional+B+B+B+B
slashes across low with a large sword, overhead slash different sword(?), upward slash with an axe, points and shoots out a lance straight

jumping attack
shoots three arrows simultaneously with a bow they spread out as they move

De Custos: A+B
motions forward and fires a black Cerberus head mid range projectile
--->Sis Custos: A+B
does a slashing motion with her hand downward while low to the ground fires a white Cerberus head projectile

Pneuma: direction+A+B
does a slashing motion up with her hand fires a wave of wind across the ground (Geese's Real Bout and above reppuken basicly)

Ignis: jump+A+B
fires two streams of flames that start close together and move further mid range

Dominus Odium: Charge A+B (can be done in air)
slashes both hands out then one hand motions up and greenish fire shoots from it into the air, decending around the opponent in a rain of fire (this is basicly Dracula's Fatal Ray attack

Union Rapisto: block+B
Shanoa spreads out her arms then pulls them into toward her a short ways out fists of earth appear and smash together and follow her motion then break

Glyph of Gales: X
(refer to vid)

I happen to have seen how Serio has Shanoa set up currently and I'm unsure if any of this would actually be useful or not.  SOme of it could be used however such as the Custos combo, the way she does her direction combo by switching weapons, and possibly parts of the finisher.  Making her jumping versions of elemental attacks different might not be a bad idea either Pneuma would also be nice (complete with the raging storm crash version).  I definitely don't think she needs Dracula's Fatal Ray tho ;p
Title: Re: CV Judgment: CV Fighter Character compatibility discussion
Post by: Fou-Lu on May 10, 2012, 09:57:04 PM
Eric Lacarde  (requested by Serio)

Neutral Combo: B+B+B
straight stab, spin with lance, big slash with lance during spin

Directional Combo: direction+B+B+B+B
overhead slash, leaping upward slash, overhead slash in air to ground, sliding lance stab

Jumping Attack
half circle slash with lance

Trident Strike: A+B
series of quick slabs low, upper, mid energy flows off the top and bottom parts of the spear light and dark respectfully during the attack
--->Roundhouse Bash: A+B
spins, jumps and brings the spear high and down into the ground

Flashing Spear: directional+A+B
slides back then lunges across the screen with the spear pointed straight

Piercing Rain: jump+A+B
back flips and stabs the spear into the ground causes a shock wave, then flips back to standing
--->Ultimus: A+B
while spear is pierced in the ground does a back flip slash with the spear in a half circle

Lightning Slice: Charge A+B
rises slightly with the lance in front hands together the lance spins and makes a circle which turns into a symbol and fires a sets of wind waves at the opponent (seems to be inspired by Stella?)

Whirlwind: block+B
spins and lunges with the spear positioned behind is back with the point straight the tip is covered in white energy

Alucard Spear: X
(refer to vid)

There's alot that could be used here for Wind's moveset fortunately there's not alot of moves he does that scream "I'm a shota!"
The directional combo takes to the air a bit to early to be useful on bosses however imo.

Title: Re: CV Judgment: CV Fighter Character compatibility discussion
Post by: Fou-Lu on May 10, 2012, 10:28:04 PM
Dracula  (heavily requested by CyberDragon)

note: when jump is pressed Dracula teleports into the air and remains stationary

Neutral Combo: B  hit agian to stop
fires three fireballs in a line, they travel across the screen and slowly move downward, at any time you can press the button again to make them stop and turn into flames on the ground.

Directional Combo: directional+B
moves hand to mid creates a black energy sphere that makes the screen shake slightly if this hits the opponent he slashes his hand out creates another one and the opponent is sent spinning into the air far away from him

Jumping Attack: jump+B+B+B
pressing jump causes Dracula to teleport to a stationary position in the air, he cannot move but he can do some things while in the air, such as this combo. He creates a pillar of flame at the opponent's position it's as wide as them (roughly) and taller then the screen he can create more also at the opponent's position by pressing B up to two more times if the opponent moves during this the new flame pillar will be at the new position of the opponent. 

Dark Void: A+B
motions down at an angle and a small symbol appears at the edge of his hand, a similar purple symbol also appears on the floor this will remain for awhile they explode slightly in redish black flames.  If the opponent walks on the symbol it will explode and knock them down. 

Dark Inferno: direction+A+B (can be done while in air)
motions to the side and fires a blackish ball of energy courses with red energy it moves somewhat slowly toward the opponent.  The air version remains stationary in front of drac for a time then flies toward the opponents positions fairly quickly

Demonic Cleansing: Charge A+B (Aerial OK)
Rises with a pillar of fire around him very similar to the same move in COD

Dark Blaze: block+B
a portal appears in front of Drac purple fire shoots up from it in a pillar while redish orange eddies circle around it.

Demonic Meggido: X
(refer to vid)

teleport: right stick directional
teleports around the screen

The only move here that would be problematic for a player drac would be the flame pillars as making them not cheap could be troublesome the rest more or less works. 

Title: Re: CV Judgment: CV Fighter Character compatibility discussion
Post by: Fou-Lu on August 03, 2012, 10:24:14 PM
Sypha Belnades (Cyberdragon again)

Neutral Combo: B+B+B
with staff across body to back, from there upward slash then with other hand releases a book projectile straight forward it moves out a short waves from her spins a bit then disappears

Directional Combo: directional +B+B
Does a lunging low stab showing back, from there throws a book at an angle into the air that goes out a short ways spins and disappears

Jumping attack
slashes out both hands and throws a book angled down disappears after going a short distance away

Fireball: A+B
Book levitates in front of her opens and she waves her hand across it throws out a fireball straight that appears to have a page of the book in the center.  This has some homing properties
--->Triple Blaze: A+B
throws out three more fireballs (with pages in them) in a triangle pattern they follow a bit behind the fire one

Frost Wall: Directional+A+B
Does a half spin with her staff Creates many walls of ice around her upperbody (at least 8 in a circle around her) the walls then disappate
--->Icicle Blades: A+B
motions up and long spikes of ice come out of all of the walls then the walls disappate

Ice Storm: jump+A+B
Lashes out in the air, a flash of light appears in front of her and icicles in a three way spread fire out angled down

Lightning Orb: Charge A+B also air
Motions up and creates symbol above her head and  large Orb of lighting appears then motions forward with both hands, the orb starts to move toward the opponent hold down B to increase the time the orb will remain on-screen.  It can be controlled with the directional buttons left and right to move it will speed up or slow down if back or forward are pressed.  In air the symbol is created in front of her and the Orb comes out from there.

Hammer of Thor: block+B
Spins her staff then slashes up with it if this connects the enemy is sent into the air and she releases a stream of forward electricity at them as they fall.

Disintegrate: X
refer to vid

Implementation: This is one of the few that could be implemented directly at least as far as her specials go.  Several of the moves her like the combo attacks of fire and ice could be interesting (the ice spikes for the wall could be releases after being created) and the Lightning Orb could be pretty neat if done right.  Attack wise she could have the staff combos and the book attack as seperate buttons.

Mostly I'd say this would be a good idea to use directly as it'll differentiate her considerably from Yoko.
Title: Re: CV Judgment: CV Fighter Character compatibility discussion
Post by: caminopreacher on March 24, 2014, 01:33:29 PM
How about Grant? He could stick to cielings and walls like in Castlevania 3, and when he slides, he leaps backward like he does in judgement. Down, A, A. Think Richter but instead of sliding and leaping forward, grant would leap far back. Talk about stick and run. lol.
Title: Re: CV Judgment: CV Fighter Character compatibility discussion
Post by: Kirono on September 26, 2014, 02:40:35 AM
Hope i'm not necro-posting, but I have all the character models fully rigged and with all their assets. I could begin work on some prototype sprites. I'm mainly anxious for Aeon. Afterall. I've already ported him to GMod and Brawl, the next logical step would be either an Unreal game or this.
Title: Re: CV Judgment: CV Fighter Character compatibility discussion
Post by: (yber])ragon10]{ on September 29, 2014, 06:57:02 AM
Is there any chance you could just take screencaps of the animations? I feel it may be better for whoever wants to sprite out Aeon to make that translation from 3D to pixels on their own (unless you're volunteering for that as well). Also (a tangential long-shot), do you have similar rigging of the Golem boss from Lament of Innocence? That's something I've been particularly interested in for quite some time. :T
Title: Re: CV Judgment: CV Fighter Character compatibility discussion
Post by: Kirono on September 29, 2014, 01:47:12 PM
Well I'm not so skilled when it comes to spriting. I've never really done it before :/ As for Golem, It's hard to rip his model, since Lament of Innocence uses back-face culling as well as flattens geometry partially in the z-buffer. I did however manage to create a rough draft of Aeon using my 3d modeling program then outlining him and sharpening colors and increasing contrast to give a more 2D feel.
Title: Re: CV Judgment: CV Fighter Character compatibility discussion
Post by: hunter x vampire on November 02, 2014, 01:40:34 AM
my problem is Simon and Trevor (maybe all whip users) they should use the secondary attack button to do the combo whip that don't serve with SCVI Simon,chronicles Simon (well at least that sword is crap so is convenient to do it),Jonathan,Sonia and master skeleton (is him gonna do it?)

[if any problem whith my letter my first language ins't english]
Title: Re: CV Judgment: CV Fighter Character compatibility discussion
Post by: Kirono on January 30, 2015, 09:44:49 PM
So now that I'm a little more comfortable with my new school/work schedule, I'll try to make a few more rough drafts of Aeon's sprites. So far a few of the suggested stories for the different characters use him, so I think it might be a good idea to go ahead and start the (long) process of creating his sprite sheet. I have a video with all his animation  (yay training mode) so I'll be sure to stick to his original movement style.

If anyone has some good methods, or ideas to simplify the sprite creation process (currently using 3DS max with his rigged model and using photoshop to accent the pixels)

So far my process involves this:
1. Pose for next frame
2. render with FOV at about 10 degrees without shadows or anti-aliasing
3. Use photoshop to tweak colors and saturation
4. Open psd in and correct any bad pixels with pencil tool.
5. Add outline by hand.

I'm thinking of tweaking his textures to be more "pixel friendly". His normal textures have a lot of gradients and some stripes. The stripes kinda give me this "blended" color of the two colors.

If all goes well, I should have a couple animations done within a couple weeks. Wish me luck :p