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Author Topic: Serio and Castlevania fan games  (Read 480 times)

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Serio and Castlevania fan games
« on: December 07, 2017, 12:39:55 AM »
So I recently had an argument with someone over Konami's treatment of Castlevania fan games and whether they are prone to shut them down. I argued that generally they seem to be fairly nonchalant about fan games of Castlevania, giving Lecarde Chronicles 2, this and the unofficial remakes of CV 2 and 3 as examples. He said LC 2 only got permission because "two Konami employees were on the team" which I don't believe is the reason, and that Serio "has been dodging legal issues for a decade" before making anything Castlevania related and so his fangame hasn't been touched. I am loathed to believe him, but since the people here know Serio better than me, could you clarify if this is true or not?

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Re: Serio and Castlevania fan games
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2017, 04:05:32 AM »
From the FAQ:

Q. help! i can't run it on my mac/linux/ps3/xbox360/wii/toaster!
A. this game is made with mugen, which is windows only. mac and linux have some sort of windows emulators like wine, maybe try those. otherwise dual boot to windows xp or 7 to play this.
i will also never port the game to any game console. last thing i need is unneccessary attention from big corporations by creating a competition using their own resources against them. i'd rather stick to a more niche gaming platform like windows, which is seen by most of those corporations (japanese ones like konami especially) as a "toy for nerds", and so, is mostly ignored. besides, i don't even have any of those systems/machines, toaster included.

Q. can i upload your game to another rapidshare page because your upload's not good enough, meaning i don't get any money for something i didn't make from the ads?
A. no. link to the site, or if you must be an ass and not let others see the site and read the movelists, this faq and other stuff, you can link directly to the file. don't use any stupid ad redirecting pages like adfly or similar. if there's anyone who should be getting free money for ads made from this, it's me, not you, but i don't want to associate this game with making money in any way. last thing i need is a lawsuit/cease and desist for making money off copyrighted content.

"donations" and ads still count as making money if they're unavoidable without a free alternative, especially if you're using copyrighted content you don't own to draw people in. i don't care about your armchair lawyer excuses for why you think it's ok. it's not.

It ultimately boils down that if Konami wanted, they could take down CVF just like Sega took down that Streets of Rage fangame, it's just that they don't care about fangames in general, unless someone is trying to profit from one, which they will take down, like that dumbass attempt someone tried in a CV1 remake to sell it. So basicaly, unless Konami has a change of their organized crime, it won't happen as long as Serio doesn't try to make profit.

If anything, if they start to take down fangames, CVF wouldn't even be much of a priority since it's made on MUGEN, even if a company bothers with fangames, companies tend to have a bigger problem with hacks (Such as Nintendo taking down TAS playthroughs for using tools that only they should have, or something like that), but since fangames hardly hurts their profit as long as they're free, they won't care.

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Re: Serio and Castlevania fan games
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2017, 07:27:01 PM »
Konami doesn't bother. Simulators for their Bemani games (i.e. BMS stuff, Stepmania, KShoot and so on) have been things for years and they never bothered taking them down.
The last time there was a similar request from Konami to take down something were IIDX songs being used for osu (the ranking side I believe), mostly because osu had some sort of official mainstream-y tournaments.