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Author Topic: Command Line File/Folder Names for Quick Vs.  (Read 3504 times)

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Command Line File/Folder Names for Quick Vs.
« on: August 20, 2012, 07:21:42 AM »
Accurate for version: 0.6.01
Alternative Quick Vs. GUI (by rasgar)

So... since rasgar asked for it, here's an information repository of all the folder and file names you'll need to run fights straight from the command prompt (assuming you know how to reach your Castlevania Fighter directory using the command prompt to begin with). Either myself or Serio will update this sticky whenever required, to keep it up to date. But first, most of the commands you'll need to know to get stuff working properly:

  • -p1/2/3/4 _____:
    Defines which character/boss will be loaded. List featured below. p1 and p2 are optional, since they're automatically accepted. p3 and p4 are used for co-op test.
  • -s _____:
    Defines which stage will be loaded. List featured below.
  • -rounds __:
    Defines how many fights will loop before the .EXE closes. Undefined means infinite fights.
  • -p1/2/3/4.color __:
    Defines which palette the selected character/boss will be loaded with. Some characters may enter different modes depending on the palette chosen. List featured below.
  • -p1/2/3/4.ai __:
    Defines if the character/boss starts with AI enabled. Use 0 to disable, 1 to enable.

So, for example, by entering the following string...
Code: [Select]
cvblawin.exe richter dracula -s dracbg -rounds 1 -p2.color 1 -p2.ai 1

... you'll load Player Richter vs. Dracula using the old .EXE in the Throne Room stage, with a one (1) round battle, Dracula's palette set to 1 (default), and enabled enemy AI (faster decision making). :]

Note that the game won't start if you try to set bosses on both sides. A boss will also always start with its AI on, so it's impossible to control any of them. The "-p2.ai" command is only needed to randomize and wake up their AI more. :T

Playable Characters

(click to show/hide)


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(click to show/hide)

This would've been up sooner, but I accidentally hit back on my browser the first time I'd finished it. *Sigh* :(
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