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basic set of rules
« on: March 13, 2012, 02:08:10 AM »
  • speak in english only. all other language posts will be ignored or deleted, unless you provide english translation.
  • the usual shit that applies to most places. no spam, warez, porn, cp etc.
  • people with a blue name are moderators. i won't force you to obey them just because they have powers and you don't, but if you're a complete douche and a faggot expect to be kicked in the nuts and out the door by them. or me. bill?rizer, i'm looking at you. lol
  • there aren't any currently as it's not needed, but potential people with a green name are janitors. they clean the place up, delete shitty posts and try to keep the place clean and good looking, but are otherwise regular members.
  • don't abuse the attachments. just because you can attach things doesn't mean you have to do it. this especially goes to copyrighted mainstream music and such. it's fine to attach game-related things though, like sprites or screenshots.
  • guests and members with less than 1 posts can't post links or images.
  • you'll need to fill in the captcha every time if you post or search as a guest. if you register, only before the first post. after that it'll be gone and you'll be able to post normally.
  • no warez, meaning linking/uploading copyrighted materials that are likely to get global corporations involved. don't need no dmca headaches.
    (fangames, fan creations, freeware stuff, emulation discussion and such don't count as warez)
  • no politically charged or extremist posts/flame baits. this includes religious themes, social themes, ideological themes and such. keep that shit off this site.

the bug report section has its own rules in addition to those. when posting there, follow them to help me deal with the bugs faster.

2015/01/25 - made the warez rules more lax due to server change. added a rule against bringing up extremist or politically charged views that will cause shitstorms. if you have these and want to share them, don't. keep them to yourself. no one cares. i will display zero tolerance towards people who post those here. this forum is for this castlevania fangame, not problems in western society. this applies to both left and right sides. there will be no preferential treatment.
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