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Author Topic: How to include Graham in the story?  (Read 3383 times)

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Re: How to include Graham in the story?
« Reply #15 on: January 12, 2015, 04:03:09 AM »
I think Graham, Somacula and Walter all have potential as survival bosses. They all could have a short dracul-esque fight and then they turn into a monster, where the real fun begins.

Isn't Somacula supposed to be a boss of his own, at least not a Dracula clone?

Anyway, about Walter and Graham, the way I see it, Walter would be the more "worthy" one of being on the game because his moveset has some differences from Dracula (Fireballs which stay on screen for a few seconds then explode, the one where he goes after the player to punch him, and some energy balls with horrible tracking), so he could be apart from Dracula a bit, Graham is just a complete Dracula clone on human form, at least other similar bosses like the Creature from SotN and Cyclops from Harmony of Dissonance have some differences. Graham's moveset would need to be changed just so he isn't just a boring clone, maybe something like, "Walking Dracula" from OoE, with that thing on the ceiling which shoots energy at the player for the second part of Graham's battle, or anything that isn't "predictably teleport to use some of Dracula's moves".

Then again, that's assuming anyone would want to make the sprites necessary for either one of them, Walter at least has some different moves to start with, Graham, assuming he'd need the "requirement" of having a different moveset, would need more creativity.


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