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Author Topic: CV Judgement Subweapon usablity discussion  (Read 2419 times)

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CV Judgement Subweapon usablity discussion
« on: May 06, 2012, 08:18:32 PM »
Yes, I know many people don't like Judgment, but this is mostly due to character designs, much of what is in the game in terms of abilities, moves, and even sub weapons could be worked into this CV game to better it imo.

This will be very comprehensive so if you don't like reading well stay away : )         

For this topic I'll be discussing Subweapons how they are used, and how they might be used in CV Fighter.

Sub-weapons in Judgment are divided by character I'll start with what sub-weapons each character can use.

Simon, Alucard, Eric, Trevor : axe, dagger, holy water, cross
Sypha, : holy water, cross, jagged earth, gale force
Shanoa: jagged earth, gale force, gravity circle, holy water
Grant: holy water, gravity circle, axe, dagger
Maria: holy water, cross, bat swarm, gale force
Cornell: dagger, holy water, jagged earth, axe
Carmilla: dagger, poisonous blow, bat swarm, gravity circle
Golem: gravity circle, poisonous blow, axe, jagged earth
Death, Dracula: Jagged earth, poisonous blow, bat swarm, gravity circle
Aeon: dagger, gravity circle, gale force, jagged earth

Just the defaults not necessarily suggesting it.  Now to look how each of these operate as well as each one's crash.

holy water: normal: standard blue fire that moves in a line  crash: when thrown it explodes out into four fire sets which burn across the ground a bit higher then the normal.

axe: normal: thrown straight spins orange slash effect on the blade spinning   crash: bigger axe is thrown effect is mostly the same.
knife: thrown straight red tail effect  crash: I'm unsure either throws a straight line of daggers or throws a large dagger still has red line
cross: thrown straight up and down with afterimages the main one has a circle of blue around it spins.  Afterimages are energy replicas and are not real crosses like the main one    crash: jumps into the air doing a "wrrryy" kind of pose energy column of blue surrounds them and a single large cross shape spirals around the column.   

jagged earth: a angled forward spike of earth comes out in front of the player the largest one is in the middle and two smaller ones are down each side, in 2d plane only one side of the spikes can be seen.  It is slightly taller then the average character.    This can be used repeatedly and rapidly to juggle opponents.     
Crash: character hits the ground in some form and spikes come out all around them spikes are about the same size as the normal version possibly a little bigger
gravity circle: creates a field of gravity around the player from a ring of circles above them the circles are white and connected by a line the field is purple.  Anything caught in the field is pushed down and knocked over.    crash: creates the field around the opponent instead.
gale force: a symbol appears around the player's hand and they shoot out two green energy bird projectiles they start close together and move upwards and downwards as they go across the screen        Crash:  player motions to the area while a green field is under their feet, five birds shoot out all at once and fly up then arc high and slam into the player one by one.
poisonous blow: motions and creates a symbol like gale force, shoots out a red poisonous mist in a long line if hits an enemy it will poison them.   Crash: hits the ground in some fashion and creates a line of poison mist going upward at a angle more lines appear around the player shortly after
Bat Swarm: sends out a large swarm of bats that move toward the player, when they reach the player they will remain around them and bite them repeatedly damaging them.  The bats will chase the player when they move.    Crash: sends out a somewhat slow moving glowing orb of purple energy surrounded by bats has some homing properties. 

(this item cannot be selected but can be acquired in stages and used by anyone)
Stopwatch: motions forward holding a red watch, stops the player's movement completely, when hit they will not move at all but will take normal damage from it if they where hit during it they will be thrown back, knocked over ectra when time resumes  crash: same thing but longer.

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CV Fighter usablity of Judgement subweapons
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2012, 10:20:32 PM »
Next, a discussion on how they can be used in this game.

Holy water: This crash more or less will go to COD style Trevor when he's done I'd imagine, as it's very similar.  It could be given to others such as Alucard as well, tho for that I would suggest a very large column of flame that burns for awhile as Alucard's holy water is different.

Axe: My suggestion would be to create a new weapon called the F Axe (fierce or forward take your pick) it could be done exactly like it is in Judgement and the crash could be the same as well.  An obvious character to get this subweapon would be Axe Armor imo.  Another possiblity would be Grant when he's added.  The crash could have a slight lag and perhaps the character could reel back before throwing it.

Knife: only the crash really needs consideration here it could be done as either one very fast high damaging knife or a stream of quickly thrown knives in a line similar but not the same as million blades.  One option for this would be Simon's golden knife crash.

cross: A slight modification of the standard cross some characters could get this for differing, one good person for it would possibly be Julius as I see him as the more "power" type Belmont and this seems more brutal in a way.  However the crash could go to Simon as Julius already has a crash and the differences with this one would be better off on another character.

jagged earth: this subweapon bears strong resemblance to the Earth Demon's attack in COTM, the actual attack would need to be brought up to sotn standards however.  The crash would probally need original sprites but might be creatable from the same source.  This is a new subweapon and it could be given to anyone, tho it's primarily used on magic users in Judgment

Gravity Circle: this would make a good defense sub imo it hits when enemies touch the field rapidly.  The crash that places it around the opponent doesn't nessarily need to knock them down (which isn't possible anyways) but could simply hit several times it could also be as tall as the screen if needed for larger bosses.

Gale Force:  No real reason it can't work just like Judgment right?

Poisonous Blow: this could be a subweapon for evil characters such as Laura or Dracula, it hits and then drains life from the opponent, I think poison effect is already in the game.  The crash is kinda meh, but it could be changed to a large cloud around the player or something else a bit more interesting

Bat Swarm: the bats do not effect the opponent when they connect with them tho it does have some homing properties they fly about the opponent and repeatedly do damage biting them.  Seems simple enough.   The Crash seems easy enough to me, perhaps it could be bigger and move much faster for a more desirable effect.  Like Poisonous Blow this tends to be used for evil characters but Maria has it for some reason (?)

the difference of time stop is probally not doable nor really needed.

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