To install the patch, simply put it in the same folder as the rest of the files.

new full redownloads change encryption each time to invalidate old patches and prevent accidental downgrading now.

Don't direct link to the files. The server will block you.
If you're gonna link, link the main page or this one.

full release - v0.6.18 (231.0 MB)
sixth version of the game.

upgrade patch - v0.6.20 (4.0 MB)
patch for the game. put it in the same folder as the game exe.

winmugen config - v0.6.18 (1.7 MB)
fixed config exe, not crashing.

higher quality music addon - v0.6.18 (303.0 MB)
patch that increases music quality.
note: requires minimum 4 gb ram to work. it'll crash on less. i hope to fix that once elecbyte adds ability to stream external music ingame.
note2: THIS IS AN ADDON, NOT A FULL GAME. get the full game from the links above.

potential missing dlls (1.8 MB)
if you have an older version and/or you're getting an error about "side by side" configuration, get this and put it into the game folder.

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