reripped rycuda to include missing animations and effects, as well as to get perfect axis. reripped paranoia to get perfect axis, to include separate mirror pieces and the mirror texture. reripped the witch with correct sprites rather than the assembled mess. also added Malphas, Mina and Dmitrii to the dos section.

Flying Armor was added to dawn section and Crossbow Armor to portrait section. puppet master was finished, as well as several of dos and pork's enemies were reripped.

dos death reripped and updated. Albus added to the ooe folder.

death and drac added to the pork folder. also ooe section's now up with several rips.

Abster here. I updated my mandragora sheet with some of the explosion effects.

Abster here. Serio ripped the Mummy and I ripped the Skull Bartender and both are in the porketta section.

Abster here again. Added Dead Crusader to the DoS section.

Abster's back. This time I added Erinys to the DoS section and seperated it from the Valkyrie. Also updated the Devil, Flame Demon and Arc Demon sheets. They should be complete now.

Abster here with an update. Added Guillotiner, Alastor, Flame Demon, Arc Demon, and Slime/Tanjelly to the DoS section. Also updated the Farmer Skeleton to have correct colors.

Added Stolas to dos section. Also forgot to mention, added Student Witch and Menace, also to the same section.

Fixed a missing piece in Aguni. Added porcupine section.

cotm section killed and content moved to the other section. no need for an entire section for 3 sprite rips, and i don't plan to rip much more from it.