Various other games - Bloodlines - Chronicles - Super CV4

Elizabeth Bathory
Bloodlines Elizabeth Bathory

Note: Lacks the lightning attack effect.

Bloodlines Eric Ricardo

Note: Lecarde sounds retarded.

CV4 Death
CV4 Death

Note: Should be full.

CV4 Dracula
CV4 Dracula

Note: Finished.

CV4 Rowdain

Note: Reripped.

The Goddamned Bathead
Chronicles Dracula

Note: No effects. Throne animation edited.

The chronicles of Maid fetish
Chronicles Maid

Note: No effects.

gay vampire
Cotm Carmilla

Note: perfect axis + bounding boxes. use 8x8 grid.

Cotm Dracula

Note: Lacks the first form.

The throne room
Cotm Throne room background

Note: None.