About this place:

This site was made to keep track of everything I ripped from the Castlevania games. I decided to make it public for castlevania homebrewers, since we need more of the fan made cv games.
Feel free to use anything from this website for your game projects, avatar/signature or such. Credit for the work and time spent to rip those would be appreciated. Please DO credit for the edits though.
I hope I don't have to mention, that credit is mandatory if you're just gonna post them somewhere else.
Note: Abster decided to have his stuff hosted here too. Same rules apply, credit him for his work.

Shaft to the sotn section.

Finally got around to update this. Added a lot of Abster's rips to the sotn section.

Wyvern added to the rondo section.

Hunting girl, Tombstone, Great Armor and Final Guard added to the sotn section.

Cotm section killed and content moved to the 'other games' section. No need for an entire section for 3 sprite rips, and I don't plan to rip much more from it.
Discus Lord reripped, assembled and reuploaded in the sotn section. Sotn Death finished, both forms, all fx done. Medusa added.

Frozen half, Salome, Bitterfly added to the sotn section. Salem Witch updated with fx.

Lots of stuff added to Rondo section.