Frequently Asked Questions
note, they're not actually asked in this way, but this is the stuff i get asked the most, and some important stuff's there too. i rewrote the annoying ones a bit to mock the people who behaved like asshats while asking them.
Q. will you release the game as open source?
A. it is out now! i call it source, but it's really just uncompressed mugen. there are exes and everything, just the code and graphics are easily editable using notepad and regular mugen tools.
Q. can i get that dracula or *insert character here* for my default mugen, so that i try him once and never touch him again?
A. you can try, it's open now. no. i coded everything in this game not work with regular mugen, since it depends on a lot of internal shared things. they weren't designed to be standalone.
Q. can i add my own characters in? i want my omega orochi god rugal akuma to pwn the gay vampires.
A. every character needs a lot of specific code to work and interact with the game. try it if you dare.
Q. download stopped without finishing.
A. blame mega. it shouldn't fail, but if it keeps breaking, use jdownloader or other download manager that works with free file hosting.
Q. will you put X or Y character in?
A. not anymore. i'm no longer working on it. if you want to and can learn mugen coding, go ahead and try. depends. if it's CV related and not totally dumb, sure. if not, less reason to, maybe as april fools joke character. depends how related it is, a character from a castlevania clone has a higher chance of getting in than mario or sonic. all joke and non-castlevania characters will be added to the extra package. note, original characters are fine, as long as they're castlevania-ish enough and have a full playable moveset. do you have a working sotn/rondo-quality spritesheet that is usable and isn't mspaint quality?
Q. can i play as the bosses?
A. nope. the bosses are coded to activate their ai as soon as the match starts since otherwise they wouldn't be able to use their ai right, so even if you managed to select one you'd just get stuck, looking at the boss trying to attack the air while your keys do nothing. the game could even freeze or crash.
Q. help! game says "can't find file data/overall.def"!
A. delete all the game files, clear cache/change browser, then redownload. this was fixed in version 0.4.02. why are you still using that old version anyway?
Q. help! game crashes! using 1.1, 1.0/win works.
A. Probably happens when you use integrated gpu like intel hd chip. Not sure why, either it doesn't have all the pixel shaders (in which case you won't be able to use the 1.1 exe), or maybe it leaves your system without enough memory to load the game fully if you have 4 gb or less since it uses your ram to substitute its lack of vram (in which case try no music patch).
Q. help! i can't run it on my mac/linux/ps3/xbox360/wii/toaster!
A. this game is made with mugen, which is windows only. mac and linux have some sort of windows emulators like wine, maybe try those. otherwise dual boot to windows xp or 7 to play this.
i will also never port the game to any game console. last thing i need is unneccessary attention from big corporations by creating a competition using their own resources against them. i'd rather stick to a more niche gaming platform like windows, which is seen by most of those corporations (japanese ones like konami especially) as a "toy for nerds", and so, is mostly ignored. besides, i don't even have any of those systems/machines, toaster included. that and mugen was never ported over.
Q. can a doppelganger be done?
A. not yet. mugen doesn't support loading/streaming different files/characters mid battle yet, and stuffing every single character and boss into one character would probably cause lots of problems and memory related crashes.
Q. i get a missing dll/"side by side" error. why?
A. get the package with required dlls if i forgot to include them in the main package.
Q. still doesn't work!
A. try installing this too: -*link*-
Q. cvbla10.exe and/or cvbla11.exe gives me this "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect." what now?
A. previous link should've helped. if not, try this: -*link*-. it's an older version of the thing above.
A. nope, your antivirus sucks and finds false positive problems where there are none. there's no virus in the game, they complain about the game being compressed. if you're getting the game from some 'non-official' sources like some dubious links on chinese, russian or brazilian sites that's not listed on my site, it's your fault if you catch a virus, they're often guilty of that.

that's what you get for using third party provided versions rather than original, clean ones.
source version isn't compressed, there should be no problems with it.
Q. will you use richter's saturn outfit? He really needs ones with a long coat, and i didn't see the new sprites.
A. nope. on the bright side, dxc outfit is now available!
A. i don't care. you can make a new, better spriteset for richter (or fix mine up) and send it here if you hate mine so much.
Q. what about saturn maria? her sprites are horrible and moves dumb, but i want to see her badly animated kicks rather than the owls!
A. i ported some of her saturn moves after fixing them up to fill her ability list, but i'll never use the kicks and punches. they're non canon, she has an actual weapon, plus she's not a street fighter character. punches and kicks are unimaginative, not to mention they don't fit unless you're a martial artist/ninja. maria isn't either of those.
Q. WHY NOT!!!?
A. because see above. the day maria gets kicks and punches, richter will get a chaingun guitar and alucard a proton cannon.
Q. can i upload your game to another rapidshare page because your upload's not good enough, meaning i don't get any money for something i didn't make from the ads?
A. no. link to the site, or if you must be an ass and not let others see the site and read the movelists, this faq and other stuff, you can link directly to the file. don't use any stupid ad redirecting pages like adfly or similar. if there's anyone who should be getting free money for ads made from this, it's me, not you, but i don't want to associate this game with making money. last thing i need is a cease and desist for making money off copyrighted content.

"donations" and ads still count as making money if they're unavoidable without a free alternative, especially if you're using copyrighted content and assets you don't own to draw people in. i don't care about your armchair lawyer excuses for why you think it's ok. this game barely falls under fair use as it is.
Q. Wtf Ronald McDonald? Wtf Touhou? I don't want this shit in my castlevania!
A. well, then you're lucky, i added an option to remove them in 0.4.20. either delete or move the file to another place, and all non-cv/joke characters'll be gone. this means all april fools characters (sorry frog, you were just a 5 minute joke), all touhou, all chinese castlevania ripoffs and everything else that didn't come from the original konami castlevanias. in source version edit characters.def, ffind these characters and replace them with something else like vacant, empty or whatever.
A. never. it's over. someone else may pick it up. you can try. i'm done, 10 years is enough. when it's ready i guess, i don't want to release a half finished character that crashes the game. i also won't make up any random release dates other than occasional april 1 for joke updates (occasional, not planning those every year), those just put pressure/stress on people and end as rushed, unfinished stuff. i get enough bugs to fix with each update.
Q. hey nice game you have here, can you answer this question? "question here" email me the answer to because i can't wait 5 minutes for you to reply kthxbye. *exit*
A. if you "don't have the time" to wait few minutes for the answer, i don't have the time to answer it. i also forgot your email, it got eaten the moment you posted it.
Q. where are japanese voices at in new exe? i can't feel like i'm really japanese when the characters use dubbed voices!
A. open config10.cfg for 1.0 or config11.cfg for 1.1 in notepad, find a line saying Language="dub" and change it into Language="org", that should do it. not supported in winmugen version since winmugen is nearly 15 years old, that one had jp voices by default.
Q. how do i record new exe using fraps? it doesn't work.
A. open config10.cfg in notepad, find a line saying RenderMode=System, change to RenderMode=OpenGLScreen, then find a line saying BlitMode=Normal, change to BlitMode=PageFlip. as long as your graphic card's modern enough and has good opengl drivers, it should work fine. note, in 1.1 fraps gives upside down image because the 1.1 alpha is still buggy as hell (possibly because blitmode=pageflip doesn't work). blame elecbyte.
Q. why is the music so low quality?
A. filesize, ram use. i'm forced to use wavs. since 0.5.05 i've added an optional higher quality music patch as a separate download. just put it in the game's folder as any other patch, and replace config10.cfg/config11.cfg with the included ones. that should increase quality from 11 khz 8 bit mono to 22 khz 8 bit stereo. that's the best i can do to still have it running. you need minimum 4 gb of ram to use this.

44 khz 16 bit stereo probably requires over 8-16 gb of total ram, and 32 bit programs are limited to 2-3 gb max per program. note, it might not work for some people. you probably need 4 gb of ram minimum to run it since windows uses nearly half of your total ram to run itself on 32 bit systems. win version doesn't need cfg editing.
Q. olrox/shanoa/etc crashes my game with "failed to load xxxx.def"!
A. you don't have enough ram. your config's probably set for medium quality music (as opposed to the default low quality one), which requires 4 gb ram minimum to run and allocates too much for storing music in it, not leaving enough for character code and graphics.

if it is, open config10.cfg/config11.cfg in notepad, find "SampleRate=22050" and change it to "SampleRate=11025", then find "BufferSize=11" and change to "BufferSize=10", that should fix it. i hate mugen's shitty memory management. lol. winmugen used less for 44 khz quality, despite crashing very often.