To install the patch, simply put it in the same folder as the rest of the files.
full release - v0.6.21a (234.5 MB)
sixth version of the game.

upgrade patch - v0.6.22 (4.0 MB)
patch for the game. put it in the same folder as the game exe.

higher quality music addon - v0.6.21a (310.4 MB)
patch that increases music quality.
note: requires minimum 4 gb ram to work. it'll crash on less.
note2: THIS IS AN ADDON. get the full game from the links above.

Sources - v0.6.22 (596.1 MB)
uncompiled, unencrypted resources, the exes, everything needed to work on it.

DLL files (1.8 MB)
in case i forgot to supply them and you're getting an error mentioned in the faq.

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