sorry for not updating for a while. the scanner doesn't work, so i can't put anything up.
Posted on 22.12.2006

the guestbook got broken.
I don't have a backup of it, so I'd have to install a new one if i wanted to. No new images.
Posted on 8.07.2006

Dawn of Sorrow Death added to the gallery.
Posted on 28.04.2006

New image added to artwork section.
Posted on 06.11.2005

New artwork.
Two images this time.
Posted on 08.10.2005

It's been a while since I last updated.
I have added a new feature, where you can view some of my previous crappy layouts. Go to the 'Features' to see it.
Posted on 31.08.2005

OK, so i lied.
New picture up. Momo from xenosaga 1 this time.
Posted on 18.04.2005

Update, oh shit!.
Sort of. One new picture added to the artwork section. Time to forget about updating this place for another half year.
Posted on 14.04.2005

Finally put up some site.
Looks ugly, but hey, it's here.
No content uploaded yet, but that'll change shortly.
Posted on 08.12.2004