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1) will never direct link to any of the files on this server. Only the 'link to me' images can be linked. otherwise enjoy goatse.
2) will never request any of my personages. guestbook's for talking, not fagging it up with begging.
3) won't try to use any part of my persos in your or any other personage without asking, which can be done by email or guestbook. ask, don't be a faggot.
4) are not affilated with mgbr or mugenguild. the place's still a den of faggots.

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warehousers will be gayed up by sweaty musclemen in thongs.

PS: Enjoy the new layout. It'll be a placeholder until I'll design a new site, because I was bored of the old one and wanted to burn people's eyes for lulz.

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