by entering this site you agree that you:

1) will never direct link to any of the files on this server. Only the 'link to me' images can be uploaded. direct linkers will be goatsed.
2) will not request anything on my guestbook. guestbook's not for that shit.
3) will never announce it on any forum or website unless I announce it there. i hate mugen community.
4) won't try to use any part of my stuff in your or any other creation without asking me, which can be done by email or guestbook. stop being such a shut in recluse and just ask if you want it.
5) are not affilated with mgbr or mugenguild, because they're both dens of faggots.

if you agree, press the 'I agree' link. otherwise get lost.

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warehousers will be eaten alive.

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